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This chocolate fudge frosting recipe not only looks yummy, but it's so simple to make too. Ideal for use in a cake or just on its own! 


  1. Melt the dark chocolate with the butter together in a bowl over a pan of simmering water.

  2. Meanwhile, sieve together the icing sugar and cocoa powder in a separate bowl.

  3. Once melted, add the icing sugar and cocoa powder gradually to the chocolate mix and beat with an electric mixer.

  4. Add a touch of milk if a thinner consistency is desired.

  5. Allow to cool before using as a frosting on a cake.

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  1. 5 star rating

    It's real good melted icing😋

  2. 5 star rating

    Great recipe, worked perfectly. Used a large pan, low heat, melted butter and chocolate together at the same time. Added dry ingredients and whisked by hand. Lovely dark glossy mouth watering icing!

  3. 5 star rating

    Delicious! A tip to avoid the mixture curdling, I always melt the butter first in a bowl over a pan of simmering water, when it’s completely melted, take the bowl off the pan and away from the heat, then add the chunks of chocolate and stir in until melted. It gives it the nice glossy look too.

  4. 5 star rating

    Beautifully easy to make. Tastes and looks delightful. I have some left over. Can it be frozen? If not, how long will it keep in the 'fridge?

    This mixture freezes well. Once it has been mixed, pack the icing into an airtight container and freeze for up to 3 months. To use the icing thaw it overnight in the fridge then let the icing come up to room temperature and beat briefly with an electric mixer or wooden spoon before spreading over the cake.

    Happy Baking!

  5. 4 star rating

    Mine curdled too so I let it cool and added a splash of milk as suggested and wow it was delicious. Lucky it made it onto the cake. So yummy

  6. 5 star rating

    I did it and when I added milk it came really smooth what a wonderful way of making icing 😂😇😇😇

  7. 5 star rating

    Came out perfectly !

  8. 2 star rating

    Split here too unfortunately, although it didn't look it it was really grainy. Milk then butter added didn't help. I ended up adding a lot more icing sugar and milk to turn it into buttercream which concealed the graininess somewhat. I'll go back to my usual recipe next time which has never failed.

  9. 5 star rating

    Really easy to make and delicious, this will definitely be my chocolate icing from now on.

  10. 1 star rating


  11. 5 star rating

    Almost finished the batch before it could reach the cake. I kicked it up a notch with a slab of caramel and sea salt (excellent grade chocolate), a slab of milk chocolate (excellent grade chocolate) and a slab of dark chocolate (excellent grade chocolate). So good and so easy, thank you so much for this recipe!

  12. 5 star rating

    Delicious and silky. Mine went grainy with the addition of the dry ingredients. Adding the milk...several tablespoons...made it go smooth. I barely heated my choc and butter so not a function of overheating...just kitchen chemistry. Enjoy!

  13. 1 star rating

    Curdled! Added milk still didn’t help

  14. 5 star rating

    I don't have the ingredients yet but I can buy them

  15. 1 star rating

    Mine curdled! Heated chocolate and butter super gently over simmering water. Added a splash of milk nothing helped! I used cooking milk chocolate would that affect it? I let the chocolate and butter cool down completely before adding icing sugar? What happened??
    Hi there, once cooled I would add another splash of milk, give it a good mix and hopefully it should be smooth again,
    Happy baking :)

  16. 5 star rating

    Absolutely gorgeous! I have made this four times since just before lockdown, when I couldn't get flour so bought a well-known chocolate cake mix. This icing takes the cake up to the top level! I have never had an issue with curdling

  17. 5 star rating

    This is really easy to make.I halved the quantities to fill and top two 8" sponge cakes I also used plain and dark chocolate in equal measure. You have to be really careful to just very gently melt the chocolate and butter and it mustn't get hot. Make sure it is really cool when the icing sugar is added. I didn''t put any cocoa powder in. I didn't need to add milk so no curdling occured. I had boiling water in a tall jug ready to dip my spreading spatula in to make it spread easily as it was quite stiff.

  18. 5 star rating

    Absolutely lovely! Made twice, easy to fix when making a mistake! Tastes amazing and so quick and easy! The only thing I changed was instead of 300g of dark chocolate I had 200g of Milk chocolate, thank you!!

  19. 5 star rating

    Easy, tasty looks so good too!

  20. 4 star rating

    Lovely sheen when finished. I used on a Chocolate Macaroon Cake for a friends 50th. It looked great.

  21. 5 star rating

    The best icing I’ve ever made, no cuddling issues at all, so simple and straightforward. Used half the amount of ingredients, and it generously covered the top of a sandwich cake.

  22. 5 star rating

    Worked perfectly, just put choc and butter in pan over low heat to melt, let it cool for a few minutes, then mixed in dry ingredients with a splash of milk.

  23. 5 star rating

    Brilliant and nice and easy. I cheated and threw the chocolate (I swapped in milk chocolate) and butter in a bowl in the microwave on 1 minute bursts then stirred it. Added a tiny bit of milk. Beautiful, shiny topping and tasted awesome. Thank you.

  24. 4 star rating

    Easy to make. Like one of the other reviewers I just melted all the ingredients into a pan and used a hand whisk. I added the tiniest drop of milk before whisking and it didn’t curdle. Gave a good spreading consistency.

  25. 1 star rating

    Why did it curdle?

    Try adding an extra splash of milk to bring it back together next time.

    Happy Baking!

  26. 5 star rating

    Super easy!! Worked perfectly first time! Will use again

  27. 5 star rating

    Curdled at first but added more butter and it was perfect 👌😁

  28. 5 star rating

    Really easy to make and tastes delicious. Can you do this with white chocolate out of interest?

  29. 5 star rating

    Wow, so easy and gives a really glossy finish to the cake. Tastes amazing too. Make sure you add the milk before you start whisking and it won't separate.

  30. 5 star rating

    Chucked butter and choc in a big pan (couldn't be bothered to make even more washing up so decided to make it all in the one pan), accidentally dropped half the icing sugar and cocoa in on top not even seived. Stirred with a whisk over super low heat added a splash of milk and it was lush! Easy icing, super chocolatey 👌

  31. 5 star rating

    Mine curdled at first, I added milk like it said and it worked perfectly? I used Cadbury’s chocolate so was a little rich so I added a punch of salt was perfect easy steps

  32. 5 star rating

    Very easy to make and really delicious. The quantities given will fill and cover all over an 8inch cake (20cm).

  33. 5 star rating

    That's exactly what I wanted. Thank you.

  34. 5 star rating

    Best and easiest recipe I’ve made , delicious.

  35. 4 star rating

    Really easy to make. I think those that had their mixture curdle must have overheated the butter and chocolate. Yum.

  36. 5 star rating

    Rich and creamy 5 stars ⭐️ fun and easy 😄🤗😊😄😁🙃

  37. 5 star rating

    Really rich and creamy easy to make 5 stars ⭐️ was brilliant and fun!!!😉😊😁

  38. 5 star rating

    Dear god this tasted fantastic I added a little extra icing sugar after because I wanted it a little thicker

  39. 5 star rating

    lovely chocolate fudge icing easy to make

  40. 5 star rating

    Great easy recipe. I halved the amount and could still generously cover a sandwich cake.

  41. 5 star rating

    Good vevrey chocolatey best chocolate ever

  42. 5 star rating

    Really easy to make, thickened quickly and went on easily, thanks! I just made half the quantity and it covered 16 cupcakes.

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