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The key to a light scone is a light touch. To rub in, lift the mixture to get some air into it, and as soon as it is of the right consistency, stop. This handy video about how to rub butter into flour will walk you through this process step by step. A basic scone mix is versatile and easy - one bowl, no cutters or rolling, just bake and share.

Once you have mastered how to make scones, pair yours with jam and clotted cream.


  1. Preheat the oven to 220°C (200°C fan, gas mark 6). Line a baking sheet with parchment.

  2. Rub the butter into the flour, until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Stir in the sugar and salt.

  3. Make a well in the centre of the mix and stir in the milk. Stir until the mixture is even and the dough comes together.

  4. Turn out onto a floured surface and shape into a rough square about 3 - 4 cm thick. Transfer to the prepared baking sheet.

  5. Brush all over with milk and score into 9 rough squares. Bake for 15 minutes until golden and cooked through. Cool on a wire rack. Serve warm or cold plain or with jam and cream.

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  1. 4 star rating

    Thank u, I absolutely love them. Not a fan of scones but this recipe changed my mind. So tasty n soft, had them plain but next time will double the ingredients an eat with jam.

  2. 5 star rating

    Loved it. So quick and easy. Not a perfect traditional scone but ticks all the boxes for me. I dont like all the hassle and effort and this does eliminate it. I love that it is done in an instant. Family loved it.

  3. 5 star rating

    Tried scones today they are delicious best scones I’ve ever tasted and I’m no cook put cheese instead sugar will be making them more thank you

  4. 5 star rating

    Going to try this. Recommended by a friend. How long do these last once baked and what are the storage conditions? Thank you

  5. 5 star rating

    Anyone that cannot follow this recipe without amazing results really needs to give up on baking. So so easy and tasty.
    Great lockdown snack

  6. 5 star rating

    I make these every week and they always come out fantastic, Sometimes I omit the sugar and add 100grams of gratted cheese.

  7. 5 star rating

    By far the best, fastest and easiest scones to make. No faffing with extra ingredients or even cutters. Perfect every time. Thank you.

  8. 1 star rating

    Probably the worst scones I've made. I decided to cut them out into circles before baking and I now have a tray of crispy flat bland things. They did not work at all.
    No idea how this recipe has 5 stars really

  9. 5 star rating


  10. 5 star rating

    Lovely, simple recipe. I added a teaspoon of baking powder and cut out 5 larger ones....perfectly risen & light....they were lovely😊

  11. 4 star rating

    yeah that’s that went well but i don’t know if i did something wrong👍👍👍

  12. 5 star rating

    Very good

  13. 5 star rating

    Excellent recipe and scones delicious! I add milk slowly in increments so dough doesn't get to wet or sticky!! Just awesome!

  14. 5 star rating

    Hello I am elegiac to eggs and found this one to do In school.
    It tased amazing
    I though I would never have scones and I did yesterday and I was very happy I got to try them.
    There is no effort to making them.
    Thanks so much I am going to make them all the time now!

  15. 5 star rating

    Simply delicious, however I just cut the dough into four pieces to get larger scones that I can cut to add cheese or jam and cream. Very simple and easy to make😀

  16. 5 star rating

    Question?? My gran is 91 & seems to have lost her taste buds abit, she’s complaining she can’t seem to buy nice, decent scones so I want to try & make her a batch. Can anyone tell me if these would be sugary enough for someone losing their tastebuds & if not would it be ok to add more sugar. I’ve never baked but want to make her scones I know she will enjoy. She’s been shut in since lockdown & I’d love to cheer her up with something simple. T.I.A

    The recipe you have chosen is quite low in sugar. Maybe it would be nice to include some dried fruit also for more taste? I have found this recipe, that might be more suitable -


    Happy Baking!

  17. 1 star rating

    Followed the exact recipe and instructions. Firstly the dough is ridiculously wet and sticky so had to add a load of extra flour. Then the timing for the oven was way out. At 200oC fan assisted they didn't turn golden after 20min so left them in a little longer. When they did turn golden I took them out but they were slightly slightly raw in the middle.
    I'm sure the recipe will work for some buy definitely didn't for me!

  18. 5 star rating

    Delicious scones with no effort. Thank you.

  19. 4 star rating

    Quick & easy to make just disappointing they didnt rise much. Very light & tasty thou. Any tips on how to make them rise?
    Try not to knead too much, or excess gluten will develop and make the scones tough, and also prevent them from rising as high. You could also increase the water slightly or add some baking powder to aid the rise,
    Hope some of this works for you,
    Happy baking!!

  20. 3 star rating

    They turned out eatable but for sure I did something wrong.
    The dough was extremely sticky. Didn’t matter if I put more milk or flour to it. And ended up only able to make 6 not 9. And 200c almost burned them haha.
    Taste was good but really heavy.

  21. 5 star rating

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I'm an elderly chap and just learning to bake. I got a good result first time. I don't have any parchment so used foil instead. Big mistake! Scones stuck to the foil and were s bit tricky to separate them. but otherwise fine.
    Thanks again

  22. 5 star rating

    Can't believe it! I'm a grandma and thought I knew a thing or two about scones but this recipe is AMAZING! Easy peasy. I missed out point 4 and just put it on the baking sheet and flattened it out into a round (2nd time I did a square). No faffing around with cutters etc. LOVE IT! Delicious! Thank you!

  23. 5 star rating

    I wanna try this recipe. Seems to have the best reviews I've seen yet. But I wanna know if I can use margerine instead of butter? Will that work?
    Hi there, yes it should work with margarine but for the best flavour and texture we would recommend using butter in scones. Happy baking :)

  24. 5 star rating

    I always use salted butter and all purpose flour, tastes so great!! This is my go to recipe! Thank you!

  25. 5 star rating

    Fantastic easy anyone can makes these. So tasty too

  26. 5 star rating

    Fabulous! I had no self raising flour, unsalted butter or milk, but with a bit of substitution (baking powder, salted butter and water) these were delicious! Just patted it lightly into the square as the rolling pin wasn't to hand. They were gone in moments. So quick and easy to make. If you haven't tried them. Do!

  27. 4 star rating

    Hi can I add cheese to make cheese scones to this recipe? Haven’t tried this recipe yet!!! Can’t wait to!!

  28. 5 star rating

    Wow! These were so simple and delicious to make. Really enjoyed the process and the taste. I used salted butter instead of unsalted and it tastes great! Highly recommended, thank you

  29. 5 star rating

    I just made these easy scones, turned out amazing. I added nutmeg and cardamom. Delish!!

  30. 5 star rating

    I hate baking,during lockdown had the bright idea of making scones.This recipe is 100% foolproof, also so adaptable.Will be definitely be making some more

  31. 5 star rating

    Could I use salted butter please

    Yes, just don't add in the salt that is in the recipe.

    Happy Baking!

  32. 5 star rating

    Fantastic scones. Never made scones before, just made these and got 9 small scones from this recipe. Will make them again and will add blueberries.

  33. 5 star rating

    Ingredients 0 salt
    Method - it says add in salt. ????

    Thank you for you comments, we will review this recipe and make the amends,

    Happy Baking!

  34. 5 star rating

    It is amazing 😉😍🥳🤗🤩😛

    From Rachel 10 years old and Ryan 7 years old and mummy 42 years old

  35. 5 star rating

    Omg! So easy so delicious recommend you make these I made them plain....cheese ...fruit... Perfect EVERY TIME

  36. 5 star rating

    Amazing super easy

  37. 5 star rating

    Super easy made it like six time over lockdown

  38. 5 star rating

    so easy to make and tasted amazing

  39. 5 star rating

    Loved this recipe super easy light and delicious!

  40. 5 star rating

    At last I can produce something from "bakery" that can be enjoyed by other people. I loved them, not too sweet but where I can appreciate them. Thanks.

  41. 5 star rating

    I made these gluten free and they were the best recipe I have used and so easy and quick!
    This is my scone recipe now!
    Making them with regular flour too.
    Works equally well.
    Thanks !

  42. 5 star rating

    Soft and very easy

  43. 3 star rating

    Bit on the bland side....But trial and error so will definitely give them another go as so easy to make. Thank you.

  44. 5 star rating

    So easy and tasty 😁yum yum yum 😁👍🏻

  45. 5 star rating

    I absolutely love this recipe. definitely going to try this again.so easy and very delicious.

  46. 5 star rating

    I absolutely love this recipe. definitely going to try this again.so easy and very delicious.

  47. 5 star rating

    So easy to make and so tasty. I make double and will try adding some grated cheese

  48. 5 star rating

    Quick and easy for every cook, taste world class

  49. 5 star rating

    So delicious... Thank you very much.. I'm gonna keep this recipe

  50. 5 star rating

    So they were also a success with chocolate chips in them 😋. Thank you

  51. 5 star rating

    Made these scones last week and they turned out yummy! 😋 I've made today and added chocolate chip so let see how they turn out 🤞

  52. 3 star rating

    I only have skimmed milk. Would it still work? 😊
    Yes this would still work using skimmed milk,
    Happy Baking!

  53. 5 star rating

    To make self raising flour add baking powder

  54. 4 star rating

    It’s a good recipe but I think it would be helpful if there was pictures along with the instructions x

  55. 5 star rating

    Love it so amazing

  56. 5 star rating

    Easy recipe. 20 minutes and all finished. Had to use plain flour and baking powder.

  57. 4 star rating

    Best recipe I’ve tired! Didn’t rise as much as I’d hoped but still good

  58. 5 star rating

    tasty n easy to make

  59. 5 star rating

    I left out the sugar and put in some grated cheese, salt snd pepper.
    Very easy and very tasty.

  60. 5 star rating

    Absolutely lovely, and ridiculously easy. I separated the mixture into 4 to make large individual scones, and they were cooked perfectly after 15 minutes.

  61. 5 star rating

    Not good at baking but these scones came out perfect. My family loved them.

  62. 5 star rating

    Yummy really loved will put cherries in next time ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  63. 5 star rating

    I used a food processor to add air to my flour and butter, then tipped in plastic bowl and stirred in the rest, sugar, salt and milk. I also put in a handful of sultanas at this point.
    I put my baking paper onto a round pizza Baking tray (the one which has holes) and put 7 blobs of scone mix randomly on it (no squashing or pressing down) and whoosh into the oven they went. Wow they have cooked wonderfully- light, fluffy and with just the right crumble texture 👌
    Brilliant simple recipe!

  64. 5 star rating

    Amazing scones made them gluten free normally gluten free scones don’t rise but these ones did so happy but second time I doubled the recipe would recommend 😊

  65. 5 star rating

    I'm going to try this but wondered if I could put fruit in this recipe as well and how much would I need.
    Yes dried fruit will work very well in these, I would recommend 50g of fruit.
    Happy Baking!

  66. 5 star rating

    Can u add fruit to this receipt? Raisins or cranberries x

  67. 3 star rating

    Scones turned out flat, but tasted good.

  68. 5 star rating

    friend also made these but like flat pancakes, then when we looked at her flour bag it was out of date, a warning to all those homebakers , who are trying out recipes during lockdown check dates for bicarbonate, cream of tartar a

  69. 5 star rating


  70. 5 star rating

    Would you cook these at 220degrees Celsius?

  71. 4 star rating

    I did in a pan guys the results a awesome l can't believe it thank you so much

  72. 3 star rating

    Can I add fruit? I do love a fruit scone?

  73. 5 star rating

    Realy nice I grate cheese put threw the mixture for a savoury scone yummy

  74. 5 star rating

    Made these scones for Mother's Day with success, and my mum appreciated how awesome and tasty they are.

  75. 5 star rating

    Lovely taste - simple to make 😁😁😁😁

  76. 5 star rating

    They turned out perfect.

  77. 5 star rating

    🧚‍♀️🧁🍰Tips for baking= if you don’t have self raising flour then you cam easily major it yourself. 🦋🍫
    150g plain flour + 2tsp baking powder = 150g self raising flour
    Hope this helps anyone

  78. 5 star rating

    Trying these today

  79. 4 star rating

    Simple and amazing.

  80. 3 star rating

    I stumbled across this recipe now. 10 May '20, and decided to try it. Baking at moment. 7mins left. Will share thoughts afterwards.

  81. 5 star rating

    Just baked two lots of these scones turned out great. I added cherries in some and choc chip, walnut and almonds in the other . Just used what had left over in cupboards. Absolutely lovely,light and fluffy scones .

  82. 5 star rating

    I bypassed the sugar, so I’ll let you know how they turn out without the sugar 🙂

  83. 4 star rating

    I didn't have any SR flour in the cupboard, so I used 200g plain flour mixed with 2 teaspoons of baking powder instead. They tasted ok I suppose - they weren't very sweet. Will try making them again as soon as I get some SR flour to see if they are any different. We enjoyed making them during the lockdown. Very quick and easy to make.

  84. 5 star rating

    Oh wow!!!

  85. 5 star rating

    i am really good at baking

  86. 5 star rating

    Made with plain flour and baking powder, salted butter and granulated sugar and have to say they turned out perfect 😋

  87. 3 star rating

    Can i put raisins or cheese in the recipe?

    Raisins would be a delicious addition to this recipe. For cheese scones, search 'cheese scones' on our site for a dedicated recipe that tastes amazing!

    Happy Baking!

  88. 5 star rating

    Absolutely amazing! Will definitely use this recipe again!

  89. 3 star rating

    I'm rather confused as to how this is meant to make 9 scones when usually it's double the ingredients for 9? Had to do it twice to make enough. Apart from that nice recipe

  90. 5 star rating

    To the person asking about using plain flour, add 2 tsp baking powder to the plain flour and mix well before adding to the scone mix.

  91. 5 star rating

    Made these and added sultanas to one batch and some cheese and a good pinch of salt to the other batch. Both came out really well and tasted amazing.

  92. 5 star rating

    Absolutely a win! I made them today, skipped the sugar, added 50g grated cheddar cheese, they were divine. Thank you for this recipe.

  93. 5 star rating

    Not even I can mess this up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  94. 5 star rating

    Due to Covid lock-down and self isolating, there was little to choose from in the store cupboard, but I had these ingredients.
    I have to say it was one of the nicest scone recipes i have ever done and i have some more of the same ingredients so i will be freezing the next lot. thank you

  95. 5 star rating

    Very good Recipe! Used it many times! Recipe is definitely a Winner!

  96. 5 star rating

    This recipe was WONDERFUL. I actually could make it without struggle - well mostly without struggle - and it tasted delicious to me and my family 😄

  97. 5 star rating

    I'm not much of a baker but this was simple enough for even me to make! 😏💝🥮😋 It was DELICIOUS.

  98. 5 star rating

    Made them today so quick and easy. They also tasted lovely.

  99. 5 star rating

    My first time ever baking.very easy recipe to follow.and they came out tasting delicious

  100. 5 star rating

    Would love to make these but only have plain flour, can l still bake them ? will they rise? would be grateful for any advise you can give me.

  101. 5 star rating

    relly good scones

  102. 5 star rating

    How much salt should I use? In the recipe onscreen it just has 0. Can I use salted butter without adding extra salt? Thank you

  103. 5 star rating

    Delicious scones, so easy to make & simple ingredients. I’m not a baker at all, but this is a winner recipe to keep!

  104. 5 star rating

    I'm terrible at cooking and baking and once set a bit of the house on fire but when I baked this it was absolutely delicious. It was also so easy to bake i would definitely use this recipe again. Not just me but the whole family adored it and couldn't believe i was the one who made it. ( it's a definite approval from me ) 👍😊😂💖

  105. 4 star rating

    Lovely and so fresh and delish!!

  106. 3 star rating

    Not baked for years, so will try this
    Even I cant make a mess of this I hope🤞

  107. 5 star rating

    easy tasty delicious scones

  108. 5 star rating

    There was perfect. By far the easiest and yummiest scones I have ever made. Thank you!!!

  109. 5 star rating

    Tried it first time, came out wow but I had used salted butter so they were slightly salty. Tried the recipe again today and my scones are perfect. Easy, simple, quick and delicious

  110. 5 star rating

    So easy to make were lovely, but will double the ingredients next time, not enough lol .

  111. 5 star rating

    Amazing my family loves tem

  112. 5 star rating

    The absolutely best scone recipe ever. My husband loves scones, but mine are never a success, until this! Thank you so much.

  113. 5 star rating

    I’ve never been any good at making scones, until using this recipe. Thank you!

  114. 5 star rating

    Sitting in the sunshine 🌞 thinking of afternoon tea. Husband of 46 years cleaning his Triumph Stag that took him 30 years to complete. Found this recipe and wow so easy and yummy. Sat in garden listening to Kenny Gee. Life is what we make of it
    All will be well and we will have a massive afternoon tea together. Big hug to you all
    Stay safe and most of all be kind xxxxx love Karen

  115. 5 star rating

    I followed recipe adding 2mins to baking time they were perfect

  116. 4 star rating

    Lovely scones. Perfect everytime.

  117. 5 star rating

    First try and it came out amazing! Love the simple recipe. Thank you for sharing!

  118. 5 star rating

    Quite easy to follow. Mine came up tops. Impressive. Thanks

  119. 4 star rating

    So easy to do,
    And freeze really well

  120. 5 star rating

    Great scones 😀

  121. 5 star rating

    These were delicious, light and fluffy and very easy to make!

  122. 5 star rating

    This is great turned out lovely and taste good best ones ever now once this virus is over I will have the grandsons make them

    Thank you

  123. 4 star rating

    Ours didn't rise despite doing everything, however they were delicious!!!

  124. 3 star rating

    it taste and looked really good i loved making them with my sister it was really fun but also really delicious even my nephew and niece liked them well i mean loved them

  125. 5 star rating

    Really easy to make and turned out lovely!

  126. 4 star rating

    We ate home learning and my son in year 7 was supposed to bake scones on Friday at school I have all the ingredients so I shall be looking forward To baking these with him.

  127. 5 star rating

    Thank you. Finally something that I’ve made that tastes great!

  128. 5 star rating

    Yummy freshly made scones. I’ve used cherry jam on mine!

  129. 5 star rating

    I liked this recipe. i just fancied something fresh and this recipe used ingredients I already had in the cupboard. They didn't take long to bake at all!

  130. 5 star rating

    I found this recipe really easy to make. My scones usually come out tasting too much of bicarb but these didn't at all! I'll be making these again.

  131. 4 star rating

    They taste amazing and are really easy to make

  132. 5 star rating

    Amazing ! I’ve been using this recipe ever day!

  133. 5 star rating

    excellent check and easy and turns out fluffy and perfect

  134. 5 star rating

    Very tasty and easy to make

  135. 5 star rating


  136. 4 star rating

    thank you. its delicious

  137. 5 star rating

    I love this recipe it’s so easy with little ingredients and can easily be make vegan by replacing milk with oat milk!

  138. 5 star rating

    I am absolutely rubbish at baking and rarely manage to make anything edible. However, this recipe was the exception and me and hubby have just eaten so lovely scones. So easy and very tasty.

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