Rocky Road Cake

  • Total Time

    2h 15m
    • Prep Time

    • Bake Time

      2h 0m
  • Serves


Who doesn't love a slice of Rocky Road? Fluffy marshmallows, crunchy nuts and chunks of biscuits coated in melted chocolate it's as simple as that. This cake is great fun to make with all the family and the best bit is you can personalise your cake by mix and matching the ingredients with your favourite sweets and biscuits.


  1. Line a 24 cm/9" square baking tin with non-stick baking paper.

  2. Heat the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a pan over a low heat until melted. Remove from the heat.

    • 125g Unsalted Butter
    • 150g Dark Chocolate (Broken into Pieces)
    • 150g Milk Chocolate (Broken into Pieces)
    • 3 tbsp Golden Syrup
  3. Stir in the crushed biscuit pieces, nuts and marshmallows. Tip the mixture into the tin and smooth the top with a wet knife.

    • 100g Digestive Biscuits (Roughly Crushed)
    • 100g Brazil Nuts (Roughly Chopped)
    • 100g Mini Marshmallows
  4. Melt the white chocolate and drizzle over the top of the cake to decorate.

    • 50g White Chocolate (to Drizzle)
  5. Chill for about 2 hours until firm enough to cut.

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  1. 5 star rating

    Amazing recipe and great to chuck any thing in. Good to put out when people come over!

  2. 5 star rating

    I loved making it and loved it even more when I ate it

  3. 5 star rating

    Used the recipe twice now in the last two weeks over the Christmas season and it’s amazing! So lush and gorgeous 😍

  4. 5 star rating

    I love this recipe. So satisfying to make and absolutely delicious 🤤. ❤️

  5. 5 star rating

    Amazing 🤩

  6. 5 star rating

    I made this lovely recipe but sweetened with 2tblsp of maple syrup. I added a little ready chopped mixed nuts and it went down a treat. Thank you X

  7. 5 star rating

    Looks good

  8. 5 star rating

    Going to be second time cooking this cause it is so good

  9. 5 star rating

    Gorgeous recipe!
    Such an easy method to follow, and makes gorgeous cakes - gorgeous enough i took them into work and the staff couldn't get enough!
    Will definitely be using this one again!

  10. 5 star rating

    I made these vegan by using vegan milk chocolate, vegan marshmallows and oreos, as well as walnuts in the same quantities as suggested in the recipe. They turned out amazing!

  11. 5 star rating

    Love this Rocky road cake. I cut it into small sizes and freeze it so when I feel like having a piece it’s ready to eat in a short space of time. Yummy. 🤤

  12. 5 star rating

    Apollo tasty, best recipe ever!!!!!😍😍😍😍

  13. 5 star rating

    I use fruit and nut chocolate (Aldi or Lidl) or whole nut and add dried cranberries. Only 50gms of marshmallows. Add about 150g of biscuits as I like the crunch. Use lotus biscuits for a change. LOVE this’s helped me put loads of weight on during lockdown!!!

  14. 5 star rating

    So good

  15. 5 star rating

    Great recipe perfect every time

  16. 5 star rating


  17. 4 star rating

    Hi guys,
    This is a great recipe! However, there is no need for the butter at all. I also didn’t use dark chocolate but that’s personal preference. I just melted 300g of milk chocolate with 3tbsp of golden syrup (get a cheap one it doesn’t have to be expensive) and then mixed in cheap biscuits and mini marshmallows and topped with melted white chocolate. They came out beautifully and it doesn’t take 2hrs to set at all. I put it in my fridge and within 20 minutes it was set. Taste amazing!!!

  18. 5 star rating

    loved it

  19. 5 star rating

    amazing what more can i say?!!

  20. 5 star rating

    This cake was AMAZING! A perfect Bake for the kids. Though ours came out a bit crumbly because I think we overheated the butter, golden syrup and chocolate to much. Also we just used Milk Chocolate and no dark and it tasted delicious!

  21. 5 star rating

    Only started making cakes etc during lockdown. Tried a few rocky road recipes before this one and can honestly say this is by far the best . Huge favourite with family across all ages . Have added lots of variations and still good .its easy , fun and delicious what more can I say 😊

  22. 5 star rating

    The best recipe ever , so delicious

  23. 5 star rating

    About to try it already looks good

  24. 5 star rating


  25. 5 star rating

    Very tasty

  26. 5 star rating

    Incredibly easy to make, we all loved it so much, I made another one for the weekend.

  27. 5 star rating

    Easy to make and mouthwatering 😍😍

  28. 5 star rating

    It is sooo easy to make

  29. 5 star rating


  30. 5 star rating

    tasting gucci

  31. 5 star rating


  32. 5 star rating

    Amazing 🥰

  33. 5 star rating

    Love it 😍

  34. 5 star rating

    So good would definitely reccomend this to families who need something good to happen, in this confusing situation right now. Just one thing, stay healthy everyone.

  35. 5 star rating


  36. 5 star rating

    really good
    send me your email and i will talk to u
    thank you so much

  37. 5 star rating


  38. 5 star rating

    Yummy yummy

  39. 5 star rating

    I love backing and that was the best

  40. 5 star rating

    It’s so nice

  41. 5 star rating

    Easy to do great fun and really rummy 😁

  42. 5 star rating

    Best recipe ever, so easy and quick to make. My grandchildren love it . a gr8 hit with them all 😊

  43. 5 star rating

    i loved it is so yummy and easy to make my kids loved it i highly recomend this and i made it for my daughters birth day!!! it is the best i have made
    love it it gets a 10 out off ten!!!!!!! it is amazing

  44. 5 star rating

    Made this with fruit and nut chocolate and dark chocolate and added dried cranberries...everyone loved it. Next time will experiment and up the fruit and nut chocolate and cut back on the dark (not a big fan of dark choc) and see how this turns out 😀

  45. 5 star rating


  46. 5 star rating

    So tasty and so easy to make!!!😍

  47. 5 star rating

    Amazing 😍😍😍love it

  48. 4 star rating

    #love it 😍😍😍

  49. 5 star rating

    It so good and easy to make love it 😻

  50. 5 star rating

    Very good

  51. 5 star rating

    The best way to make one highly recommend for birthdays during lockdown

  52. 5 star rating

    this was really good even though I haven't baked it yet !

  53. 5 star rating

    Absolutely brilliant recipe easy to do and lovely to eat

  54. 3 star rating

    Really easy to make with kids! One tip is to wait until mixture is cooler before adding in marshmallows to keep their shape, otherwise they just melt.

  55. 5 star rating

    We make this every week it is so good all of my family loves it

  56. 4 star rating

    really good

  57. 4 star rating

    really good

  58. 5 star rating

    apsolotely amazing

  59. 5 star rating

    Loved the crunch

  60. 5 star rating


  61. 5 star rating

    Such an easy recipe to make but yet so so delicious ❤️ Would 100% recommend xx

  62. 5 star rating


  63. 5 star rating

    I put it as an extra layer inside a chocolate Cake and it was amazing how good it was

  64. 5 star rating

    Simple easy and delicious it was just so easy to follow and didn’t take long at all

  65. 5 star rating

    Great recipe

  66. 5 star rating


  67. 5 star rating


  68. 5 star rating

    best cake our family has ever had

  69. 5 star rating

    best cake our family has ever had

  70. 5 star rating


  71. 5 star rating

    easy recipe to follow and it was just amazing!

  72. 5 star rating

    A real pleasure to make, it was just soooo good!t

  73. 1 star rating


  74. 5 star rating

    Absolutely amazing honestly there are no more words!!

  75. 5 star rating

    Great recipe,easy to make,very filling.
    I added glacé cherries which made it just gorgeous.

  76. 5 star rating

    These are the best

  77. 5 star rating

    I love this rocky road recipe, definitely the best I'd tried. Can you recommend ways of storing it until needed, and how long can you keep it fresh? Thank you

  78. 5 star rating

    Easy and delicious.

  79. 5 star rating

    so easy and very filling, bit sickly if you have too much, ( you cant leave it alone!)
    would this possible to freeze?

  80. 5 star rating

    Fab and easy recipe to follow - by far the best I have ever made and so does anyone who tries it! I substitute raisins for the brazils but have also added a few toasted crushed cashews which also work well. Goes down a storm at any bake sale and doesn't last 2 mins in my fridge.
    On a personal note I prefer to keep it in the fridge as it is less gooey to eat.

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